PPDSP Electronic Register System Opening Ceremnoy
According President of Pertubuhan Penderma Darah Sungai Petani, Zhang Jin Zong, he point out that for any donator will register their pertinent data in short one minute in computer by using Electronic Register System and through this system, we can get any pertinent data using myKad or donor card that have been rejecting by Hospital before.
(双溪大年捐血会会长张晋总指出, 捐血会以电子系统登记, 旨在简短登记时间, 电子登记服务可在短短一分钟内, 把捐血者个人资料储存电脑内. 他指出, 如果持有卡者曾到医院捐血, 血液含有病毒而被院方拒绝, 电子系统也能透过大马卡获得有关资料.)

PPDSP New Website -
(大年捐血会"新网站"启用 -
PPDSP New Website was bringing latest information for its members such as Blood Donation Events, date time, venue and etc. Therefore, public can easier get the latest blood donation news through this website. For non-members, he (she) may register himself becoming a PPDSP's member through the website. Besides, member's donation records are store in online database, so that he (she) can review their record in anytime, anyplace.
(大年捐血会"新网站"给会员们带来了最新的资讯, 如: 最新捐血活动, 时间, 地点, 等... 因此, 大众可轻易地得到最新捐血活动消息经该网站. 非会员们可以透过该网站自行注册. 此外, 会员们的捐血记录是储存在网上, 因此他(她)们还可以透过网站查看他们的捐血记录在任何时间和任何地点.)

Hui Yin Seh Society Promotes the myKad Microreader
Engraves the group coordination to celebrate the 9th anniversary, sponsor “I’m Healthy, and I’m Donate" program at Penang International Stadium.
(刻团配合庆祝9周年, 在槟城国际体育场主办 "我献血, 我健康" 全槟巨型献血运动.)

Hui Yin Seh Society's Queue Management with Luvotech QMS
As the blood donors keep increasing, a queue management was played an important role for the whole donation process. Therefore, a queue management system is needed! Luvotech QMS was providing such kind of features to manage the queue during the blood donation process.
(由于捐血者不断增加, 一个好的队列管理在整个捐赠过程中扮演了很重要的角色. 因此,好的队列管理系统是必然的! Luvotech队列管理系统将在整个捐血过程中的队列管理提供该功能.)