At Luvotech, We combine software, technology and services. Integration of latest technologies into our enterprise solutions offers our customers a platform to unleash the full potential of data and process automation. SMS, WAP, Wireless Handheld Computing Devices, Barcode, Touch Screen LCD, Biometrics, Chip Smartcard, online credit card are just some of the technology integration that we’ve delivered.

Short-Text-Message (SMS)
If you already have database with supplier/customer information, configurable to auto send SMS with pre-define conditions with Luvo Online SMS Workstation is as simple as 1-2-3.

Global Positioning System (GPS)
With Luvo GPS tracking system, a car holder can easily to track their car as long as with an internet connection,

Queue Management System (QMS)
Luvotech was founded a modern ways to implement a QMS which is through wireless. Luvo QMS was a unique Bluetooth QMS which implemented for flexible connectivity as well as affordable cost.

Mobile Application
You business may growing rapidly in nowadays. Therefore, you may need to access business critical information with your mobile devices in anywhere, anytime.

Smart Card & Biometrics
Our Smart Card and Biometrics application modules are designed to fully complement the employment of intelligent smart cards, thus enabling user authentication by virtue of electronic signature.