User Manual

We are here to ready provide you a fast and effective remote support solution. By running Luvo-QuickSupport tools, we may able to solve the problem facing by our customer instantly. For more information, please refer to the following steps.

1. Download Luvo-QuickSupport tools by click on the "Click to Download"

2. Wait for the Download Box pop-up, and choose the 'Open' button. (Recomended)

3. Run it after once you are finish downloaded. (File name:

4. Now you will see a pop-up Open Dialog, simply click on the 'Run' to start. Besides, you may also see another UAC Dialog pop-up, and again, just simply click on 'Yes' button.

5. Once it is started, wait for the server to generate an ID for you. Then, kindly provide us Your ID in order for us to support you. (Please make sure you have an Internet Connection)

NOTE: You may also watch our Luvo-QuickSupport's DEMO video if you need more information.
Any Question?
If you face any problem during this process, please do not hesistate to contact one of the following people:
  • 012-492 2918 (Mr. Lim)
  • 017-429 1468 (Ms. Sindy)
  • 012-493 1269 (Ms. Florence)